The 4 Most Effective Steps to Convert your Abandoned Cart Visitors into Customers

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You can grow your sales by 20% using following 3 most effective steps.

I have read on internet that 37.4% of abandonment occurs at the checkout login or registration. You have an eCommerce website. Shoppers go to your shopping cart on your website and they want to check out. Due to some reason some visitors abandon their cart. This happens in Magento,  Shopify and other eCommerce shopping cart services. To resolve this issue

Allow Shoppers to use 2 step checkout process:

First ask their name and email. Next page will be checkout page where ask them to put p payment information(credit card details..) and shipping address. if somebody abandons the cart on 2nd step, you can email them and try to reconnect them to
finish transaction.

Guest Login

25% of shoppers abandon the purchase if forced to create an account. In this case allow shoppers to complete purchase using guest login.


When someone visit your cart and then try to checkout but they don’t buy. You can use re marketing technique. In this technique when they are browsing the web, they continually see services and services you offer from your website. By clicking on that they can finish the transaction.

Analytic Tool

Using Analytic tools, you can Optimize your check out page properly to maximize the conversion rate.